A Family Trip to Bovec

Bovec is a wonderful place for all families. Families with small children, families with big children, young adrenaline junkie couples and older, less adventurist people are all welcome there. Bovec is an area filled with unspoilt nature with beautiful mountains, green forests and, of course, the queen of all: the emerald river Soca. The river itself is probably the main reason why families, especially those looking for a thrilling experience come to Bovec. White water rafting is one of the most popular water sports there and many come to town explicitly to try it. Besides Bovec white water rafting, a number of families come to take a ride through the crystal river in a kayak. Bovec, which is particularly famous for a large offer of water sports can surely provide that as well. Those who feel Bovec white water rafting is too extreme for them (and their children) thus mainly opt for less dangerous trips through the waters – with a kayak. Bovec being the place for water adventures, it would be a shame not to try any but, of course, they are not compulsory. So if you are not interested in a trip with a kayak Bovec, there are many other things you can do in and around Soca. The wisest thing you can do is to take advantage of the natural world you see around yourself. The area is ideal for family picnics, romantic walks in the forest, joint mountain biking trips and much more. So, if you are unsure where to go for your next family adventure, you should think about coming to Bovec. It will be a delightful choice, which will not disappoint you or any of your demanding family members as well as a wonderful opportunity to bond with those you love the most.