Best attractions: Rafting Bovec and hydrospeed Bovec

Bovec is a well-known town among adrenaline enthusiasts. From skiing in the winter time to reaching the highest mountain peaks in the summer it is the perfect place to enjoy nature and to reset our minds and bodies. Summer time is when Bovec shows it’s true colours and all its glory. Tourists from all over the world come to this place to actively spend their holiday.

One of the most popular and interesting summer time activities are two water sports: rafting and hydrospeeding. Bovec is the perfect place to try them both. Many people are sure that the one thing you cannot miss on your trip is rafting. Bovec is a popular place for families with small children and because they do not want to miss all the fun, rafting is their best choice. It is not physically demanding as the other sports so it is suitable for everyone and fun is guaranteed. The sport is also a must for all the schools visiting Posočje.

Of course, you can challenge yourself a little bit more and that is why we absolutely have to mention hydrospeed. Bovec is also a place where young people stop and let themselves have fun trying different sports. It is more demanding than other sports, both, physically and mentally. You have to paddle with your legs to get moving and you have to be careful, follow your guide and not ignore the given instructions for your safety.

Either way, your holiday in Bovec can never get boring. From walking up the mountains to swimming in Soča river and visiting nearby waterfalls, the town has what it needs to truly please even the most demanding travelers. Do not forget to book your rafting in Bovec in advance to avoid any possible inconveniences and enjoy your trip to the fullest.