Soca river kayaking

The Soca river is quite long and dynamic, offering a wide variety of experiences for those brave enough to paddle downstream in a kayak. The river is also perfect for competitive kayakers that have set their own courses. But most of the action is focused on joyrides and guided courses offered by the tourist agencies in the Soca valley. Guided Soca river kayaking is available in Tolmin, Kobarid, and Bovec, and there might be other options elsewhere as well.

In every case, everything you need is already provided by the local tourist agencies. No matter who you are and what kinds of services you’re expecting, Soca river kayaking will probably be available to you in a form of well-tailored, professionally guided tour. Beginners have the option of enrolling into a kayaking school, taking place on the ponds and pools, ideally on the artificial lake near Most na Soci. If you’re not interested in really learning kayaking, you can go for a guided joyride, exploring the river and facing the challenges of navigating downstream in a kayak. If you’re an experienced kayaker, you can expect good offers for accommodation, equipment rental, transport, and other services.

Soča rafting

A popular alternative to Soca river kayaking is rafting, which is even more fun and especially attractive for beginners. You don’t have to know how to raft, a big part of the fun is to figure out how to guide the big boat down the river. Soča rafting is a social activity that can include all kinds of events, either planned or not. It’s perfect for families, co-workers, classmates, and other groups, especially popular for team-building. But really, Soča rafting is perfect for anyone, as the offer from the local tourist agencies is very wide and varied to suit every taste.