Soca River rafting and kayaking

What to do on the Soca River? There are countless possibilities, but among the most fun (and most popular) are tours in all kinds of boats, from rafts to kayaks and even hydrospeed and other vessels that might not really resemble a boat at all. In any case, the fun is there for any adventurer brave enough to enjoy the dynamic power and beauty of the river.

Soca River rafting

Rafting is the best choice for those that are really seeking an amazing experience. It’s one of the most popular activities, that’s why it’s very well developed. There are several options on offer, from complete guided tours to nothing more than equipment rentals. That’s great for adventurers of all kinds, as everyone can have their own adventure and enjoy their time as they see fit. In every case, Soca River rafting will provide the potential for fun and thrill – the river is quite well suited for activities of this kind, so it’s hard to avoid the temptation of rafting.

Soca River kayak

Kayaking has many of the same charms as rafting, but also some unique advantages that attract a different kind of adventurer. Soca River kayak is a bit more solitary experience, perfect for those that want to take their time and explore everything the river has to offer. There are countless possibilities, from tours along the long stretches of the river to obstacle courses and various challenges on the more dynamic part of the river. Soca River kayak offers the ideal experience to those that are prepared to make their own adventure! But on the other hand, it’s also a favorite among the crowds that are coming to the river just to familiarize with the offer and try something new, they will enjoy it as well.